Water Saver 2021

Water Saver 2021

This all started out with my neighbor Len. He has the same Poly-B piping that I do and had a failure that caused a lot of water damage in his home. This is what gave me the idea to use my Arduino programming skills that I gained from Programming Electronics Academy to create an auto shut-off valve with a few conditions, a High Flow rate of 40+ L/M for four minutes  & Low flow rate of .01 to 5 L/M for a duration of ten minutes.  This information is uploaded to Thingspeak every five minutes allowing me to track usage & valve status & you too can see values down below.
I designed my own PCB with Easy EDA and you can access the files here

In the first few days, I discovered a potential savings of 3000 Liters/Month. Our main shower was using 10.5 L/M & three out of the four in our household showered in this bathroom. I changed out the shower head for a lower flow of 6.5 L/M. This has been a great project to teach my children about water conservation & to make something so cool.
There have been some growing pains with it, valve closing during showers while trying to figure out high & low values and times.  It’s also interesting to see flow rates and consumption of various items in the house.

Water Saver 2021 Dashboard


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