RAC Winter Contest 2020

RAC Winter Contest 2020

I would say 2020 has been a very interesting year not just for us HAM’s in Whitecourt, AB but every one around the planet. 
Due to gathering restrictions imposed by Alberta Provencal health offices.
The 2020 RAC Winter Contest had to be done solo, I ran as VA6MCP and here are  my results of three hours I spent in total contesting. 

Propagation started off great Friday evening with 40m open nicely, but by 8pm it has died off and with my QTH 80m & 160m are just too loud.
Saturday morning, things opened up nicely on 20m and it was very busy.
Radio: FT-991
Antenna: End Feed 44′ 

VA6MCP Contest Results

VA6MCP Contesting Station


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