2 Meter Tape Measure Yagi

2 Meter Tape Measure Yagi

A few local hams in Whitecourt, got together at Alex Code’s place on July 14th, 2018, to continue on with the great Fox Hunt project. This is project two of three that will come together with a fun activity. See project 1, Attenuator

This project involved building a 2-meter yagi antenna for use in tracking down an RF signal (Fox, Project 3) This has been built by many other hams as it is very easy and cheap to build ($20 each) was the cost of the project. By using just a few pieces of PVC and an old tape measure & some wire we were able to construct this antenna not only for transmitting but also using it to “sniff” out an RF signal within the range of 144-148mhz. We followed Michale KB9VBR great youtube video on how to make one.

As usual, our get-togethers are always full of comradery & laughs at someone’s expense 😊and cookies of course brought by Nonna.

Attended, Alex, Tom, Don, Mike, Nonna


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